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A global movement at your fingertips
World Community Grid is a simple way to support some of the planet's most important causes by powering cutting-edge research on health, poverty and sustainability.

Powering big ambitions
Computers are as essential to modern-day scientific research as test tubes and telescopes. But pioneering scientists often don't have access to computers big enough to match their ambitions. World Community Grid harnesses spare power from volunteers' devices and donates it directly to these scientists.

Spreading the load
World Community Grid distributes millions of small data-based computer-based experiments to thousands of volunteers' devices. It gathers the results and sends them back to researchers, who interrogate the data for patterns, getting them closer to those world-changing results - faster.
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Contributing while you work, rest or play
You simply install an application and let the good work begin. When not using its full capacity, your computer, smartphone or mobile device connects to World Community Grid. The software is unobtrusive and has no impact on your day-to-day use of the device.
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A global network for good
Once onboard, you're a crucial part of a giant global network. You have the opportunity to learn about groundbreaking scientific studies and stay engaged with the world-changing issues you're helping to solve.
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Driving fast, sustainable change
World Community Grid is the biggest virtual supercomputer being used for humanitarian research. Since it began, over 600,000 volunteers have helped scientists to complete thousands of years' work in a few short years.

Results to shout about
World Community Grid has enabled scientific breakthroughs in cancer treatment and solar energy research. Our research partners have published over 35 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journal based on research conducted on World Community Grid, advancing knowledge in health, poverty and sustainability.
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