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System Requirements

What are the recommended minimum system specifications?
In order to participate in World Community Grid, you will need to have at least the following:
  • The ability to display graphics (if you wish to see the graphics)
  • An Internet connection
In addition, each research project has its own requirement for memory and disk space. These are as follows:

Research Project Memory Available Disk Space Operating Systems
Computing for Clean Water 400 MB 100 MB Windows1,2, Mac1, Linux1,2
Drug Search for Leishmaniasis 250 MB 50 MB Windows1,2, Mac1,2, Linux1,2
FightAIDS@Home - Autodock 250 MB 100 MB Windows1,2, Mac1,2, Linux1,2
FightAIDS@Home - VINA 250 MB 50 MB Windows1,2, Mac2, Linux1,2, Android3
Help Fight Childhood Cancer 250 MB 100 MB Windows1, Mac1, Linux1
Mapping Cancer Markers 400 MB 500 MB Windows1,2, Mac2, Linux1,2
Say No to Schistosoma 250 MB 50 MB Windows1,2, Mac1,2, Linux1,2, Android3
The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2 1,024 MB 2,048 MB Windows1,5, Mac1,5, Linux1,5

1. Version for x86 processors is available
2. Version for x86-64 processors is available
3. Version for ARM processors is available
4. Version for GPU is available (Open CL 1.1)
5. Users who choose to run this project are encouraged to set the 'Leave applications in memory while suspended' option in their device profile

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How much data will I download and upload while participating with World Community Grid?
The amount of data that you transfer depends upon how your processing preferences are set to run, how powerful your device is and how often your device is on and idle. It also varies based upon which research projects you run.

Each of the research projects at World Community Grid uses a different application, input files and output files. As a result, the size used for each of the se varies by project. This is outlined on the chart below. Please note that the data is compressed during transfer and is decompressed after it has been do wnloaded. As a result it will occupy more space on disk then the numbers shown below.

Research Project One-Time Download Per Workunit Download Per Workunit Upload
Computing for Clean Water 10 MB 0.001 MB 0.5 MB
Drug Search for Leishmaniasis 2 MB 0.2 MB 0.1 MB
FightAIDS@Home - Autodock 1.5 MB 0.1 MB 0.1 MB
FightAIDS@Home - VINA 2 MB 0.2 MB 0.1 MB
Help Fight Childhood Cancer 1.0 MB 0.1 MB 0.1 MB
Mapping Cancer Markers 40 MB 0.1 MB 3 MB
Say No to Schistosoma 2 MB 0.2 MB 0.1 MB
The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2 200 MB 0.1 MB 20 - 80 MB

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How do I know if my computer is running the 64-bit research application?
On a Windows machine, you can use the Windows task manager to view the process name. 64-bit research applications will end with "windows_intelx86_64", while 32-bit applications will end with "windows_intelx86"

On a Linux machine, you can find the PID of the research application (which will start with the name "wcg") and then execute the command "file -L /proc/PID/exe"

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