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World Community Grid has a network of dedicated partners who encourage their employees, members, grantees, students and faculty to contribute their unused processing power.

8 Current Partners (of 452 total)

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Partner  Type Joined   
Stark Area Regional Transit Authority Government 08/14/2016 Join Team!
Provincia Regionale di Agrigento Government 12/28/2010 Join Team!
Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Government 12/21/2006 Join Team!
California Breast Cancer Research Program Government 09/21/2006 Join Team!
National Science Centre, Malaysia Government 03/16/2006 Join Team!
City of Austin Government 02/28/2006 Join Team!
Prefeitura de Petropolis Government 08/26/2005 Join Team!
Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre Government 08/23/2005 Join Team!
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