New version of the World Community Grid BOINC Software

World Community Grid is now offering version 6.10.58 of the BOINC software.

Some of the key features of the new software version are:
  • Users may set a preference to completely stop running the research if other applications use more than a configurable percentage of processor time. (Example: A user may set a limit so that the research applications stop running if other applications exceed 75% of available cpu time.)
  • Users may set a preference to limit how much data is transferred by the software within a specified number of days. (Example: A user may set a limit of 50MB of data transferred over a period of 7 days.)
  • Enhanced support for auto-proxy detection (valuable in some corporate and academic environments).
  • A new visual appearance for the simple view (BOINC skin).
  • A new screen saver that displays a volunteers contributions as well as the research graphics.
You may download the new BOINC 6.10.58 version of the software by clicking here. (Please note, that the current research that your computer is processing will continue from the last checkpoint.)

You may change your preferences here.