Replay of the 3rd annual FightAIDS@Home project webcast

Replay of the FightAIDS@Home webcast given by Dr. Alex Perryman of the Scripps Research Institute on November 29, 2012

If you missed the live FightAIDS@Home webcast and Q&A session on November 29, 2012 given by Dr. Alex Perryman of the Scripps Research Institute, it is now available to view online.

Webcast and Question & Answer session replay - featuring Lead World Community Grid Scientist Viktors Berstis and Dr. Alex Perryman:

This webcast commemorated World AIDS Day 2012 and gave World Community Grid members an opportunity to hear about the cutting-edge research being done with the FightAIDS@Home project. During the webcast, Dr. Perryman outlined the exciting discoveries that he and other members of Dr. Art Olson’s computational research lab have recently made in collaboration with other research teams at Scripps and around the world. They have run simulations that identified several chemical compounds that can “dock” with allosteric sites on the HIV protease molecule and may help to inhibit its function. These compounds could form the basis of therapeutic drugs to combat HIV “superbug” strains, and at the very least they suggest compelling new avenues for further research.

And the FightAIDS@Home research will continue, thanks to the World Community Grid volunteers. The computing power supplied by the members is absolutely critical to support this research and enable these advances in HIV treatment.

As always, thank you for your support of World Community Grid research projects and please stay tuned for future webcasts!