Hear about the research that matters most to you

We're adding news and communications preferences features to give you more insight into World Community Grid research and activities, and make it easier for you to get the information you want.

We know that World Community Grid can sometimes seem like a black hole – you complete your research tasks and return results, but it can be tough to see how this adds up to progress on the real-world challenges our researchers are tackling. In the member survey last year, many of you said you wanted more insight into what’s happening with our research, and better access to the information that matters to you. We heard you.

Starting this week, we’re introducing new communications features that will allow you to access richer information, personalize the information you receive and explore the many facets of World Community Grid.

Improved News features
The heart of this effort is an improved News section, which will be the single place to come to for all updates, announcements and new information. Up until now, important research updates might have been hidden in the researchers' own websites, or buried in a forum thread. From now on, this information will be posted in our newly organized News section (previously known as News & Updates), which we've made more prominent. News will also contain a wider range of information and stories, including:
  • Greater visibility into progress and results from ongoing projects
  • Articles in which researchers address the context and applications of their work
  • New behind-the-scenes stories from the World Community Grid team
  • Related stories and media links, which provide context and opportunities to explore related content
The goal of the improved News section is to provide a rich, detailed, accessible repository of all the information that’s available to our members.

Personalized control
Of course, all this information could be overwhelming, so we’ve also introduced a new Communication Preferences feature, where you can set up preferences for the kind of news you want to hear about, such as research project news, announcements, special events or system updates. It can even notify you when you earn a new badge! Thanks to these personalized options, you now have several ways of getting information about World Community Grid – you can use one or more of the following:
  • Weekly or monthly email digests summarizing the news that matters to you
  • A new My News page, which displays personalized content
  • Personalized notifications within the “Notices” feature of the BOINC app*
Importantly, the forums will remain active as a place to interact and discuss directly with researchers and other members.

Continual improvement
These changes are just the first of many improvements that we’re making in response to the member survey we conducted last year. Our volunteer members are critical to the success of World Community Grid, and we want to make sure you get all the information you want – and none that you don’t.

Thanks for making World Community Grid possible. Please check out the new Communication Preferences feature, and stay involved!

* Currently available to users of the BOINC software application version 7 and above. The Notices feature will soon be added to the World Community Grid app as well.

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