New and improved sign-up page leads to 25 percent increase in registration rate

World Community Grid volunteers asked us to better explain the power and potential of volunteer computing, so that they could more easily recruit their family and friends. We listened, and our new sign-up page has already increased the registration rate by 25 percent.

There’s a new way for World Community Grid volunteers to explain their work and help new members sign up.

In our 2013 member study, many volunteers told us that they're eager to share World Community Grid with friends and family, but had difficulty getting them to join. Many volunteers felt that new recruits had to be relatively tech-savvy to understand World Community Grid and navigate the sign-up process. To improve the sign-up experience, we worked with designers and user experience (UX) experts, rethinking the experience of learning about and joining World Community Grid from the point of view of someone who is completely unfamiliar with the program.

After extensive testing and refinement, we launched a new web experience to explain what World Community Grid is, how it works, and the scientific impact of volunteer computing. The new web page also guides people through the sign-up process in a simple and clear way. During the month of December, we compared the performance of the new web page to the performance of World Community Grid's home page. The registration rate of the new page was 25 percent higher, suggesting that this new approach to registration may resonate with greater numbers of potential volunteers in the future.

Volunteers are the heart of World Community Grid. Your dedication is essential, and you’ve done so much to help build the community - now it's easier for you to help it grow! So be sure to use your personal recruitment link to share the new web experience today.

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