World Community Grid to Appear at South by Southwest Interactive 2016

Thanks to votes from many World Community Grid volunteers, we were selected to present at South by Southwest on March 13, 2016 in Austin, Texas.

What do clean water, nanotechnology, volunteer computing, and the world's greatest group of volunteers have in common? They are all part of World Community Grid's presentation at this year's South by Southwest Interactive conference (SXSW).

Dr. Francois Grey, a researcher on the Computing for Clean Water project, will co-present with Juan Hindo, World Community Grid's project manager. Together, they will talk about how the Computing for Clean Water team used World Community Grid to simulate water flow through carbon nanotubes. This led to a breakthrough understanding of a fundamental physical process which could lead to improved access to clean water for millions of people worldwide

SXSW's advisory board and staff received over 4000 submissions from people applying to present at this influential event. SXSW allows the public to vote on the presentations that are eventually included. Due in large part to the votes and supportive comments from hundreds of World Community Grid volunteers, we were selected, and a new and influential audience will now hear about the power and potential of volunteer computing.

"World Community Grid has always relished its role in helping cutting-edge scientists accelerate their work by engaging our large group of passionate volunteers," says Hindo. "We are thrilled about this chance to introduce our community to SXSW attendees from all over the world, and we are so grateful to all the volunteers who helped make this happen."

If you're attending SXSW this year, we hope to see you! Spread the word about our presentation by sharing this link.

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