Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy - Phase 1 publishes a paper in Journal of Molecular Biology

In this paper, the authors discuss the multiple minimization approach used with proteins.

Paper Title:

"Identification of Protein Interaction Partners and Protein–Protein Interaction Sites"


Rigid-body docking has become quite successful in predicting the correct conformations of binary protein complexes, at least when the constituent proteins do not undergo large conformational changes upon binding. However, determining whether two given proteins interact is a more difficult problem. Successful docking procedures often give equally good scores for proteins that do not interact experimentally. This is the case for the multiple minimization approach we use here. An analysis of the results where all proteins within a set are docked with all other proteins (complete cross-docking) shows that the predictions can be greatly improved if the location of the correct binding interface on each protein is known, since the experimental complexes are much more likely to bring these two interfaces into contact, at the same time as yielding good interaction energy scores. While various methods exist for identifying binding interfaces, it is shown that simply studying the interaction of all potential protein pairs within a data set can itself help to identify the correct interfaces.

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