'Aha' Moments in Science

Researchers on nearly every World Community Grid project experience at least one major epiphany, or 'aha' moment. In this video, researcher Francois Grey describes two 'aha' moments that helped the Computing for Clean Water research team make their breakthrough discovery in filtration technology.

At some point, nearly every research team realizes that they can accomplish more than they had originally planned by using World Community Grid's computational power. Computing for Clean Water, which was supported by 150,000 volunteers, used this computing power to discover a phenomenon in nanotechnology that may have applications not only to water filtration, but also to clean energy and medicine.

In this video, Computing for Clean Water researcher Francois Grey discusses the research team's 'aha' moments with Juan Hindo, World Community Grid's program manager, during their presentation at South by Southwest Interactive 2016. You can also listen to the full audio of their presentation here


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