August Update: Africa Rainfall Project

The World Community Grid team had a quick monthly meeting with the Africa Rainfall Project researchers, which you can read about in this article.

Project background

95% of agriculture in Africa depends on rainfall. The Africa Rainfall Project uses massive computing power, data from The Weather Company, and other data to provide more accurate rainfall forecasts, which will help farmers more successfully raise crops. 

Looking for an additional team member

The researchers are looking for an additional team member to help with post-processing of the data. The search for a qualified person is likely to take a few months.

Upcoming conferences

The research team has submitted an abstract to give a presentation at the America Geophysical Union conference, which is scheduled to take place in December. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the conference will be virtual this year instead of in-person.

Current status of work units

We're currently sending out generations 18 and 19. (A generation is a set of work--in this case, a set of computer simulations of rainfall in sub-Saharan Africa.) The World Community Grid tech team is increasing the rate at which we're sending out work. We'll post about this increase in the African Rainfall Project forum as soon as it's implemented.

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