October Update: Microbiome Immunity Project

The researchers are awaiting news about a paper they submitted to a scientific journal, and working on a potential new type of work unit.


The Microbiome Immunity Project uses the computational power of World Community Grid to study the proteins produced by the bacteria in the human gut. This knowledge could help scientists understand the role of the microbiome in health and disease.

Potential new type of work unit

The research team wants to make changes to the work units that they submit to World Community Grid. These changes could potentially speed up their research. They've given our technical team a few experimental work units to test. This process is still in the early stages of testing, and the researchers and the tech team will be working together on these new units for some time.

We'll provide more information as the work progresses. In the meantime, there's plenty of research still to be done using the current type of work units.

Papers in progress

The research team is working on three papers related to the data processed by World Community Grid. One paper was recently submitted to a journal; we'll provide more information if/when it's accepted. The remaining two papers are in the data analysis stage.

Current status of work units

  • Available for download: 3,353 batches
  • In progress: 3,965 batches (9,344,968 work units)
  • Completed: 317,650 batches (3,726 batches in the past 30 days,
    an average of 124.2 batches per day)
  • Estimated backlog: 27 days


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