May Update: Smash Childhood Cancer

The researchers recently submitted grant applications to help support further lab testing.


The Smash Childhood Cancer research team has identified proteins and other molecules that play key roles in certain childhood cancers. The challenge is now to find chemical drug candidates that specifically target these key molecules and therefore control the cancer cells.

Continuing data analysis

Since early this year, the researchers have been analyzing data from work run on World Community Grid.

Below are the key proteins for which we have new updates. Each of these proteins is involved in the development of at least one type of childhood cancer.

Beta catenin
Early testing on the three compounds mentioned earlier this year is promising. The researchers feel that they have enough intial data to start writing about their findings. (This process can take a year or longer.)

The researchers recently submitted a grant application to help fund further study on this target. They hope to hear back from the funding source by the end of this summer.

TrkB (NTRK2)
The researchers recently submitted a grant application for further funding to study this target.

Note: Lab testing compounds for effectiveness generally requires several phases, and each phase can take at least several months.

Current status of work units



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