July Update: Africa Rainfall Project

If you are currently donating computing power to this project, you can make a simple change to your settings to help speed up the progress.


Through the Africa Rainfall Project, researchers at Delft University of Technology are creating computer simulations of localized rainstorms in sub-Saharan Africa. Thanks to massive, crowdsourced computing power from World Community Grid, they can run these simulations at a high level of resolution, which is exactly what's needed for localized rainstorms. This has never been done before for rainstorms in this region.

This is important because 95% of agriculture in Africa depends on rainfall. The project will use data generated from World Community Grid, data from The Weather Company, and other information to help provide more accurate rainfall forecasts. In turn, these more accurate forecasts could help farmers more successfully raise their crops. 

More computing power needed

At the current pace, the project will be able to simulate an entire rainy season by the end of 2021. However, our tech team has determined that we can send out work more quickly.

If you're currently supporting the Africa Rainfall Project, will you consider helping to speed up the project by making a simple change to your current settings?

The default setting for this project is for each volunteer device to process one work unit at a time. You can allow more work on your device by following the instructions below:

  • Go to https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/ms/device/viewProfiles.do
  • Click on the profile name for the profile that you want to increase.  For most users, this will be "Default"
  • On the next screen, select the "Custom Profile" option
  • At the bottom of the page in the "Project Limits" section, change the drop down for "Africa Rainfall Project" to "2" or more.
  • Click "Save"

Congratulations, Dr. Le Coz!

Research team member Camille Le Coz successfully defended her dissertation last month and is now Dr. Le Coz! We congratulate her on this achievement.

Current status of work units

World Community Grid is currently sending out generation 76. (A generation is a set of work--in this case, a set of computer simulations of rainfall in sub-Saharan Africa.) 

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