July Update: Mapping Cancer Markers

Looking for a project to support? Mapping Cancer Markers has a large amount of work to be done to help fight a devastating collection of diseases.

Members of the Jurisica Lab, the researchers behind Mapping Cancer Markers


Mapping Cancer Markers aims to identify the markers associated with various types of cancer. The project is analyzing millions of data points collected from thousands of healthy and cancerous patient tissue samples. These include tissues with lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and sarcoma.

So far, the project has finished running data for lung cancer and ovarian cancer markers on World Community Grid. With the help of continued donated computing time from volunteers, the researchers are now studying markers for sarcoma, which is a group of cancers that start in bone, muscle, or other tissue. You can read more about the research team's findings to-date here.

Thanks for the boost in support

Last month, we asked current volunteers who were not already donating computing power to this project to start contributing. Thank you to everyone who responded to this request! Below are the results so far:

  • The number of batches processed in July (to-date) is higher than last month (1,230 as compared to 1,130).
  • The daily average number of batches has increased from 37.7 to 41.0.

(And this is during the summer in the northern hemisphere, when we generally see a dip in participation.)

As a reminder, you can always check and change the projects you are supporting here.

Current status of work units

  • Available for download:  824 batches
  • In progress:  1,038 batches 
  • Completed:   77,242 batches
  •                       1,230 batches in the last 30 days
                          Average of 41.0 batches per day
  • Estimated backlog: 18 days


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