September Update: Africa Rainfall Project

The pace of the Africa Rainfall Project continued to accelerate last month, thanks to increased volunteer computing power.


Through the Africa Rainfall Project, researchers at Delft University of Technology are creating computer simulations of localized rainstorms in sub-Saharan Africa. They can then run these simulations at a high level of resolution on World Community Grid, which is exactly what's needed to help provide more accurate forecasts for localized rainstorms. This has never been done before for rainstorms in this region, and is particularly important because 95% of agriculture in Africa depends on rainfall.

In addition to data generated from World Community Grid, the project will use data from The Weather Company and other information to help provide more accurate rainfall forecasts. In turn, these more accurate forecasts could help farmers more successfully raise their crops. 

Pace of project continues to increase

The pace of the Africa Rainfall Project continues to accelerate since we asked volunteers whose devices meet the hardware requirements to consider increasing their contribution. World Community Grid's tech team estimates that the pace has nearly doubled. Thank you to everyone who is participating!

Current status of work units

Beginning with last month's update, we've changed how we report work unit status for this project in order to give volunteers a clearer picture of progress.

  • Leading generation:  93.0
  • Average generation:  87.2
  • Pace: Moving forward 1 generation every 3.9 days (based on the latest 7-day average)

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