New home, new look, same mission

We have a new logo and an updated website launching soon, but our core mission of supporting humanitarian scientific research remains the same.

Very soon, World Community Grid's website, emails, and social media channels will sport a brand new logo and look. The homepage has also been re-designed to make it easier to find information that current and potential volunteers have told us they find important, such as the most recent news about World Community Grid research projects.

Additionally, we've created an easy way for volunteers to see important milestones in their contributions to World Community Grid research, such as when they join World Community Grid, earns a badge, or their team wins a challenge.

Although we're moving to a new home and our logo and look are changing, our name and mission remain the same: we're a global community of volunteers and researchers dedicated to supporting humanitarian scientific research. Thanks for your continued support as we begin an important new phase for World Community Grid.