Planned Maintenance on Tuesday, November 2 [Completed]

We are replacing two failed disk drives and performing some database maintenance activities.

We will be replacing two failed disk drives and perform some database maintenance activities beginning on Tuesday, November 2, at 12:30 UTC.  We anticipate that the work will take approximately six hours.

During this maintenance, we will be performing two activities:

  • First, the storage filesystem that stores the data processed on World Community Grid has had two disks fail in the past weeks, and these disks will be replaced.   
  • Second, the IDs for the result table are approaching the maximum value for signed integers. As a result, we will need to shift those IDs down so that the minimum ID currently in the database is back to a low value. This will allow us to continue processing as usual for a few years before having to perform this procedure again. We will also shift the IDs for the work unit table as well.

During the maintenance window, volunteers will not be able upload or download work and the website will be unavailable.

This work was completed at 16:45 UTC.