Volunteers donated over 2 million years of computations

While we work hard at the transition, we would like to thank everyone that made it possible

Dear volunteers – thank you for continued support of the WCG and the current projects. We just passed 2,387,361 years of computation.

Our team is deeply immersed in the transition process, and while the infrastructure is almost ready, there are still tasks to be finished before the technical transition is completed. The work will continue in December and January.

We would like to thank IBM – the Founding Partner – for continued support, both with technical transition and by continuing to provide substantial compute cycles.

We also would like to thank Cancer Computer for donating the server and storage system for the WCG operation, and for continued cycles supporting WCG. We thank The Digital Alliance of Canada for supporting the operation of the system, and to SHARCNET and University of Waterloo for providing server room space and support, in addition to providing vitally needed computing cycles for the WCG projects. Without this help the transition would not be possible.

Thank you all for participating in the WVG birthday challenge, and pushing the limits of computation per day, speeding up all current projects.

WCG is an amazing open science resource for global research, benefiting humanity. The related social media channels and forums are for all to use, but we would like to remind the volunteers to follow our Communication Guidelines, as any posts that do not adhere to these ground rules are subject to deletion. Members who demonstrate intolerance of other members or disrupt the forums will be banned.

Happy Holiday Season.

The WCG Team