July 2022 Tech Team Update

Discusses current errors with our BOINC platform and what is currently being fixed

Dear volunteers, 

Over the past week, we entered a new stage of our testing phase where we gave a few workunits to our volunteers to crunch. The goal was to see if any unforeseen errors occurred, which we were able to find thanks to the feedback of our volunteers. For specific questions you may have on the limited workunits, check this thread on our forums.

Here’s a quick update from our tech team:

We have been working to assess how well the system responds to load and whether configuration is correct. As many have noted on the forums, there are some issues with the BOINC backend configuration. Users will have noticed off-putting notices in the BOINC manager about incorrect project URLs and attaching twice to the same project. We have addressed the underlying issue and apologize for the inconvenience.

In addition, we are working to resolve the lack of synchronization between the website profile page and the BOINC manager. We are also working to fix a blocking issue with the GPU workunits for Open Pandemics. Once this is resolved, we should be able to increase the quantity of workunits we can send out to volunteers.

Our backlog of non-blocking issues has continued to grow as we observe load on the system, but overall we are nearing a stable state of affairs and look forward to updating users with statistics and more details as we continue the roll out of our production system.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


The World Community Grid team