The Computation Moonshot starts today!

The Computation Moonshot, a competition encouraging high school students to learn about data science and distributed computing, began today.

As we announced in our February update, the Computation Moonshot starts today! The goal of this competition is to encourage high school students to learn about data science and distributed computing using BOINC and World Community Grid.

This competition is open to all high schools in the US. As was highlighted in our October 2023 newsletter, one of our goals for this year has been to establish stronger high school outreach to enrich youth’s learning and interest in data science. We are excited about this competition and about its potential to propel our outreach to high schools not only within the United States, but globally. It is exciting to note Sisler Cyberacademy also participates in the challenge and they already have a team of 12 partners.

In order to ensure that there is ample work unit supply throughout the competition, we will be ramping up the supply of MCM, OPN, SCC and ARP work units for the duration of the competition, from March 25 to May 7. Current status: MCM - ready; OPN - ready; SCC - ready; ARP - in the process.

We thank you for your continued support and will continue to provide updates as the competition progresses. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in this thread for us to answer.

WCG Team