Help Conquer Cancer publishes a paper in Acta Crystallographica Section D Biological Crystallography

In this paper, the details of the crystallography study are presented.

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"Establishing a training set through the visual analysis of crystallization trials. Part I: ~150 000 images"


Structural crystallography aims to provide a three-dimensional representation of macromolecules. Many parts of the multistep process to produce the three-dimensional structural model have been automated, especially through various structural genomics projects. A key step is the production of crystals for diffraction. The target macromolecule is combined with a large and chemically diverse set of cocktails with some leading ideally, but infrequently, to crystallization. A variety of outcomes will be observed during these screening experiments that typically require human interpretation for classification. Human interpretation is neither scalable nor objective, highlighting the need to develop an automatic computer-based image classification. As a first step towards automated image classification, 147 456 images representing crystallization experiments from 96 different macromolecular samples were manually classified. Each image was classified by three experts into seven predefined categories or their combinations. The resulting data where all three observers are in agreement provides one component of a truth set for the development and rigorous testing of automated image-classification systems and provides information about the chemical cocktails used for crystallization. In this paper, the details of this study are presented.

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