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05 May 2009 – Launch of Influenza Antiviral Drug Search Project
The mission of the Influenza Antiviral Drug Search project is to find new drugs that can stop the spread of an influenza infection in the body. The research will specifically address the influenza strains that have become drug resistant as well as new strains that are appearing. Identifying the chemical compounds that are the best candidates will accelerate the efforts to develop treatments that would be useful in managing seasonal influenza outbreaks, and future influenza epidemics and even pandemics.   
  Tags: Event or Milestone

01 May 2009 – Help Defeat Cancer publishs a paper in IEEE Xplore
In this paper, the authors report the development of a Web-based system, PathMiner, for interactive telemedicine, intelligent archiving, and automated decision support in pathology.   
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper

26 Apr 2009 – Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy project update
Project updates from the World Community Grid forums  
  Tags: Project Update

22 Apr 2009 – Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together project update
Project updates in the World Community Grid forums  
  Tags: Project Update

14 Apr 2009 – FightAIDS@Home Project Update - Volume 7
  Tags: Project Update

02 Apr 2009 – Free Screensavers Online at The World Community Grid - Love To Know article
  Tags: Media

01 Apr 2009 – Help Conquer Cancer project updates
Project updates from the University of Toronto website  
  Tags: Project Update

30 Mar 2009 – Clean Energy for a Smarter Planet Video
Professor Alan Aspuru-Guzik talks about the Clean Energy Project and how the contributions of World Community Grid members are helping his team find the next generation of organic solar cell materials.  
  Tags: Video

24 Mar 2009 – Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2 Project Update
Project updates from the NYU website   
  Tags: Project Update

19 Mar 2009 – Projekt IBM World Community Grid hledá lék na rakovinu dětí - scienceworld.cz article
Rychlý rozvoj genetického výzkumu v centru pro výzkum rakoviny je obrovským příslibem pro léčbu neuroblastomu.  
  Tags: Media

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