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09 Feb 2015 – Making progress against two of the world’s deadliest diseases
The GO Fight Against Malaria team has just published a paper in which they describe an unexpected benefit of their research: they’ve identified two compounds that could advance the future development of new drugs to treat tuberculosis, including drug-resistant tuberculosis. These results open up a new front in the fight against tuberculosis, which is constantly evolving to resist existing treatments.  
  Tags: Event or Milestone , Research Paper

09 Feb 2015 – Computing for Clean Water on the road to publication
The Computing for Clean Water team has written a paper describing the results of their research on World Community Grid. They’ve described the novel flow effect that all you volunteers helped discover. Their paper is currently under consideration at a prestigious journal.  
  Tags: Project Update

06 Feb 2015 – Clean Energy Project team continues to make progress
The Clean Energy Project team has added new members and continues to explore exciting facets of the largest quantum chemistry experiment ever conducted. New team members will help expand on the results of the current experiments and make methodological improvements that will improve future research.  
  Tags: Project Update

28 Jan 2015 – Using grid computing to understand an underwater world
The Chesapeake Bay is suffering: excess nutrient levels in runoff from populated areas are leading to oxygen-depleted "dead zones." The Computing for Sustainable Water project modeled nutrient flows and oxygenation levels in the Bay and predicted the effectiveness of various environmental policies - helping policymakers understand the best and most cost-effective ways of preserving this important economic and ecological region.  
  Tags: Project Update

20 Jan 2015 – Surprising new prospects help advance the fight against neuroblastoma
Prof. Nakagawara, lead researcher of the Help Fight Childhood Cancer project, updates us on the project's status after a remarkable year that included the publication of a breakthrough paper in 'Cancer Medicine'. World Community Grid results have revealed even more potential treatment mechanisms than the team previously thought, and paved the way for a second phase of the project.  
  Tags: Project Update

16 Jan 2015 – World Community Grid Update - January 2015
An update about technical activities at World Community Grid in January 2015.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes

12 Jan 2015 – The Global Supercomputing War On Ebola Starts With Your Laptop
An article on FastCompany.com about the Outsmart Ebola Together project on World Community Grid.   
  Tags: Media

09 Jan 2015 – Help cure Ebola by donating your smartphone's idle time
An article on Engadget.com about the Outsmart Ebola Together project on World Community Grid.   
  Tags: Media

31 Dec 2014 – No new work currently available for Outsmart Ebola Together
There is currently a temporary pause in the sending of new work for the Outsmart Ebola Together project.  
  Tags: Technical Issue

19 Dec 2014 – How Your Tablet Can Help Find an Ebola Cure
An article on TIME.com about the new Outsmart Ebola Together project on World Community Grid.   
  Tags: Media

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