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04 Aug 2022 – Interview with Help Stop TB team
Learn about the current state and future plans of Help Stop TB through this brief interview  
  Tags: Project Update
29 Jul 2022 – Interview with Africa Rainfall Project team
Learn about the current state and future plans of the Africa Rainfall Project through this brief interview  
  Tags: Project Update
27 Jul 2022 – Research update from the SCC team
A short research update from the Smash Childhood Cancer team  
  Tags: Project Update
13 Jul 2022 – July 2022 Tech Team Update
Discusses current errors with our BOINC platform and what is currently being fixed  
  Tags: Project Update
24 Jun 2022 – OPN1 Project Update
Matt from OPN1 project provides an update on the lab work being performed while WCG was down  
  Tags: Project Update
21 Jun 2022 – Website and Forum Restart!
Website and forum are now online.  
  Tags: Website Update
19 Apr 2022 – Help Stop TB techniques
Help Stop TB scientists give us an overview of the algorithms used for the project, and the reasons behind their choice.  
  Tags: Project Update
11 Apr 2022 – World Community Grid at the Ride to Conquer Cancer
What do WCG and a 200 Km bicycle ride have in common? Dr Jurisica shares an insight  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes
06 Apr 2022 – WCG in numbers - platforms, volunteers and teams
What are the most common platforms used by our volunteers? And which volunteers contributed the most?   
  Tags: Behind the Scenes
01 Apr 2022 – Mapping Cancer Markers Q&A
Mapping cancer markers researchers answer questions asked on the forum  
  Tags: Project Update

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