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08 Mar 2022 – Comparison of CPU and GPU performance in Open Pandemics Project
How does CPU and GPU compare in terms of energy and speed? OPN researchers compare them using two example packages.  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes
07 Mar 2022 – Behind the Scenes with World Community Grid Communications
Why did a three-month gig with a technology program end up lasting for six years?  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes
26 Feb 2022 – WCG-Two Months Maintenance Starting on Feb 28th
We will start testing the whole system on February 28, 2022. During this time, no WU will be sent out, and the website and forum will not be active.  
  Tags: Technical Issue , Website Update
09 Feb 2022 – WCG Data Transfer Underway, Stress Test of New Infrastructure Scheduled For Feb 28th
We have started to transfer data for all active WCG projects to the Krembil Research Institute. We are gearing up to start testing the whole system on February 28, 2022.  
  Tags: Event or Milestone , Technical Issue , Website Update
07 Feb 2022 – Smash Childhood Cancer: February update
The team is progressing in its effort to validate compounds inhibiting molecules with important roles in most frequent childhood cancers  
  Tags: Project Update
05 Feb 2022 – OpenPandemics - COVID-19: February update
Preliminary validation of WCG results are very promising.  
  Tags: Research Call Notes
12 Jan 2022 – Planned Maintenance on Thursday, January 13 [Completed]
We are updating the operating system on our servers on Thursday, January 13th, beginning at 15:30 UTC.  
  Tags: Technical Issue , Website Update
24 Dec 2021 – Volunteers donated over 2 million years of computations
While we work hard at the transition, we would like to thank everyone that made it possible  
  Tags: Behind the Scenes , Event or Milestone
17 Dec 2021 – Closing summary from Microbiome Immunity Project
In this message to volunteers, MIP researchers highlight what the acquired data has been and is being used for.  
  Tags: Project Update
09 Dec 2021 – Open-source software from OpenPandemics - COVID-19 helps the researchers
The OPN team is developing open-source tools that help improve the predictions run in WCG and benefit researchers worldwide.  
  Tags: Project Update

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