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02 Sep 2008 – Help Defeat Cancer publishes an article in The Prostate
In this paper, the authors discuss Autophagy, a starvation induced cellular process of self-digestion that allows cells to degrade cytoplasmic contents.   
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper
08 Aug 2008 – Human Proteome Folding - Phase 1 publishes a paper in Cell
In this paper, the authors discuss their experimental strategy to efficiently identify interaction domains and generated a domain-based interactome network for proteins involved in C. elegans early-embryonic cell divisions.  
  Tags: Project Update , Research Paper
21 Jun 2008 – End of AfricanClimate@Home Project
We received our last results from the WU of this phase of the project. Now we have a lot of processing analysis and to do.   
  Tags: Event or Milestone , Project Update
12 Jun 2008 – FightAIDS@Home Project Update - Volume 5
  Tags: Project Update
05 Jun 2008 – Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy project update
Project updates from the World Community Grid forums  
  Tags: Project Update
29 May 2008 – Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2 Project Update
Project updates from the NYU website   
  Tags: Project Update
15 May 2008 – World Community Grid "Supercomputer" to Tackle Rice Crisis
Researchers at the University of Washington launch a new program to develop stronger strains of rice that could produce crops with larger and more nutritious yields.   
  Tags: Media , Video
12 May 2008 – Launch of the Nutritious Rice for the World Project
World Community Grid is pleased to announce the launch of the Nutritious Rice for the World project. The mission of this project is to predict the structure of proteins of major strains of rice. The intent is to help farmers develop better rice strains with higher crop yields, promote greater disease and pest resistance, and utilize a full range of bioavailable nutrients that can benefit those people in regions where hunger is a critical concern.   
  Tags: Event or Milestone
01 May 2008 – Help Conquer Cancer project updates
Project updates from the University of Toronto website  
  Tags: Project Update
01 Apr 2008 – Help Defeat Cancer Project Status Updates
Help Defeat Cancer Project Status Updates  
  Tags: Project Update

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