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Fiocruz researchers publish paper for Genome Comparison project in Bioinformatics
19 Jan 2010   

The researchers from Fiocruz have published a paper for their database about the results of the Genome Comparison project. This project included the comparative analysis of the genomes of more than 300 organisms. This database is now available for use by researchers throughout the world.

Paper Title:

"ProteinWorldDB: querying radical pairwise alignments among protein sets from complete genomes"


Researchers at Fiocruz ran a project called Genome Comparison on World Community Grid. The study included the comparative analysis of the genomes of more than 300 organisms. The results of this project have been put into a database for other researchers to use. In addition, the Fiocruz researchers have published a paper describing this database.

The results of the more than 300 organisms on the database are providing valuable information to scientists around the world who are studying genes and their evolution, how they relate to life and disease processes, offering precious clues about the predicted function of genes, their proteins, and the evolution of metabolic pathways. Several of these pathways and proteins are being studied for the first time. As such, the database should accelerate research of all kinds and hopefully lead to benefits to mankind in the process.

Access to Paper:

For access to the paper describing the database, please click here.
For access to the database, please click here.

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