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CERN Press Release "CERN supports European Year of Volunteering through Citizen Cyberscience Centre"
22 Aug 2011   

World Community Grid is featured in this press release about the Citizen Cyberspace Centre (CCC) at CERN and grid computing.

Researchers from the Citizen Cyberspace Centre (CCC) at CERN -- the European Organization for Nuclear Research -- in association with Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, are utilizing IBM's World Community Grid to conduct the Computing for Clean Water project. If successful, the nano tube water filtration project could result in new and improved methods for providing cost-efficient water purification systems throughout the developing world. According to some sources, nearly 885 million people worldwide lack access to safe water supplies.

World Community Grid is featured in a press release about CERN and grid computing. To read the press release, please click here.

Also, please check out the accompanying article on the Citizen IBM Blog. You can read that article here.