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Behind the Scenes: The story behind our new look
By: Rodrigo Cardoso
Information Architect, IBM Interactive
6 May 2014   

In the first of our 'Behind the Scenes' series, which will give members insight into the workings of World Community Grid, IBM designer Rodrigo Cardoso discusses the motivations and rationale behind the program's new look, including our new logo.

Hello World Community Grid members,

My name is Rodrigo Cardoso and I was the designer for the new World Community Grid logo and website. But I didn’t do it alone. The new logo and website design you see was a team effort and the result of several months of collaboration.

Our directive was to create a fresh look: one that was clean and simple yet bold and exciting. The intention was to come up with an approachable design that would appeal to a broader audience, including volunteers who are less technically inclined.

The color palette you see was borrowed from a portfolio of IBM palettes and expanded upon, reflecting the linkage between IBM and World Community Grid. This color palette is vibrant and extensive, giving us many options to work with to meet the needs of a diverse research portfolio. The two main colors selected to form the logo and the main color elements of the website are a bold orange and cooler blue that provides balance.

As for the logo specifically, we wanted to create a logo that focused on the community-powered scientific research that you support, and less on the technology used to do so. We therefore shifted the attention away from grid computing, and focused on the concept of people coming together, forming a community of volunteers to support researchers. The logo you see today is the result of many rounds of reviews and refinements as part of a design process that started out with 22 initial logo concepts. They all shared elements that symbolized people coming together and forming a community around the globe.

I thought you would like to see some of the logos that didn’t make the cut:

Our chosen logo is a representation of two people embracing, which symbolizes people coming together to form a community and support each other. This can signify both the volunteer community, as well as the volunteer-researcher relationship. In addition, the way the two figures embrace forms a hexagon – a representation of a chemical molecule, thus tying it to the program’s primary focus of supporting scientific research.

We’re excited about the program’s new look and hope you like it too. It’s a significant departure from the program’s previous design, but we felt it important to make a bold statement about what this program stands for, and the bold aspirations we have for it.

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Rodrigo Cardoso
Information Architect, IBM Interactive