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The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2 work unit issues - Resolved
29 Aug 2014   

Due to validation issues, The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2 work units are not currently being sent out. Beta tests to fix the issue are underway. -Resolved Aug 29, 2014

Due to validation issues, we have currently stopped sending out new Clean Energy Project - Phase 2 (CEP2) work units until we complete tests with beta work units. Once the CEP2 beta tests show the new work units are working well, we will begin sending out new CEP2 work again.

No action is required by those members participating in the CEP2 project, as the BOINC agent will download new work when it becomes available.

For additional information, please check this forum thread. We will also update this News article when the CEP2 work units are being sent out again.

Update: We have resumed sending out new work for the CEP2 project. Members should start seeing work units for CEP2 automatically, no action is required if you kept CEP2 selected. Thank you for your patience.

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