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Unplanned Outage on Sunday, June 25 (RESOLVED)
25 Jun 2017   

We're experiencing an unplanned outage which initially affected our website as well as sending and receiving work units. Our tech team is working to fix the issue, and we will add updates to this article regularly.

Thank you to all volunteers for your patience and support during the outage. We're very happy to report that World Community Grid's infrastructure was fully recovered, without any data loss.

The problem arose during a routine server update, which unexpectedly took our systems offline. We worked closely with global server support teams during the outage to recover our systems. Process and policy changes are being put in place to minimize the risk of a recurrence of the events that lead to our outage.

Update 4: Volunteers can now make changes to their World Community Grid accounts, such as changing their passwords and choosing different projects to support. Please contact us if you experience any issues making any changes, or uploading and downloading research tasks.

Update 3: We have resumed the processes which validate the results uploaded recently by volunteers.

Update 2: We are now able to send out new research tasks to connected computers and Android devices. Also, your devices can resume reporting to us results that have been completed and uploaded.

Update 1: We are now able to receive completed work units from volunteers' computers and Android devices.

We are experiencing an unplanned outage which affected the World Community Grid website as well as the distribution and uptake of work units.

Now that the website is up, our tech team is working to get the work unit uploading and downloading processes fixed. Please visit the forum thread on this issue at https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/forums/wcg/viewthread_thread,40080 for updates.

Thanks to everyone for your patience as we work to get this fixed.

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