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Shining a Beacon for Science
13 Nov 2018   


Scientists, and science itself, are facing increasing challenges in many parts of the world. To mark World Community Grid's 14th anniversary, we're asking you to publicly show your support for science on social media, in our forum, and on your own website or blog.


Science and scientists are under attack all over the world. Fields such as climate research, drug discovery, and environmental protection are increasingly politicized. Once-certain sources of research funding are shrinking or disappearing. 

But World Community Grid has been a beacon for science to people who understand the need for continuing research since it was created in 2004. What started out as a relatively small,short-term proof of concept initiative has grown into a major source of computing power for 29 (and counting) humanitarian scientific research projects. So far, this has led to breakthrough discoveries for childhood cancer, water filtration, and renewable energy, as well as many smaller discoveries that may one day lead to future breakthroughs.

This is only possible because of generous people around the globe who donate their unused computing power to research, and scientists who have the patience and skill to tackle thorny problems that have no obvious answers.

We're inviting everyone involved with World Community Grid to shine a beacon for science on November 16, which is our 14th anniversary. You can do this by:

  • Creating your own social media posts on your favorite platform (tag us on Twitter or Facebook so we can say thanks, and use the hashtag #Beacon4Science) 
  • Posting your thoughts about being involved in World Community Grid in our forum 
  • Sharing our Facebook post and/or retweeting our tweets on November 16
  • Sending us an email with your thoughts at beacon@worldcommunitygrid.org

Feel free to include pictures or videos, especially if they're science or World Community Grid-related.

We'd like to share the thoughts and stories of those who give us permission, to let the scientists we work with–and any other supporters of humanitarian scientific research–know that they have friends around the world.

Thanks for helping us shine a beacon for science since 2004.

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