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We're Switching to Email-Based Login
21 Aug 2019   

On August 28, World Community Grid will be switching from a username-based login system to an email-based login system. Learn what this means for existing and new volunteers in this article.


Since World Community Grid was created in 2004, volunteers have been required to create a username in order to sign up and begin to receiving work from our servers. Now, we're switching to email-based login in order to bring World Community Grid into closer alignment with the process used by other BOINC projects. (BOINC is the open source software platform used by World Community Grid and other volunteer computing projects to distribute work units.) And for new volunteers, an email-based signup process will cut down on the number of fields required for initial registration. 

Current volunteers

We plan to cut over to the new system on August 28, 2019. Current volunteers will not need to take any action, as your username and email address will remain the same. However, we encourage you to make sure that the email address associated with your account is up to date.

New volunteers

Signing up for World Community Grid will now only require an email and password. However, volunteers who wish to post in the World Community Grid forum, create a team, or make their contribution statistics public will first need to create a username in order to do so. 


Please visit our forum to see a Q & A thread about this change, and check to see if your question has already been asked and answered before you post.

Thanks to all volunteers for your support of humanitarian science.

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