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October Update: Africa Rainfall Project
6 Oct 2020   


The research team is creating rainfall models based on data received from World Community Grid.

Project background

95% of agriculture in Africa depends on rainfall. The Africa Rainfall Project uses massive computing power, data from The Weather Company, and other data to provide more accurate rainfall forecasts, which will help farmers more successfully raise crops. 

Analysis of results

The new student who joined the team to help with post-processing data analysis is making good progress. Currently, they are creating 1 km models of rainfall based on the data received from World Community Grid. This is significant because many rainstorms in sub-Saharan Africa are localized--almost at the level of one farm--and models of rainfall at a 1 km level are rarely available for this region. 

Current status of work units

World Community Grid is currently sending out generation 28. (A generation is a set of work--in this case, a set of computer simulations of rainfall in sub-Saharan Africa.) 

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Research Call Notes