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About:  Our Team

Our Team

World Community Grid is a philanthropic initiative of IBM Corporate Citizenship, the corporate social responsibility and philanthropy division of IBM. The program is supported by the core team below from across IBM, alongside an extended team of IBMers who contribute in various ways including communications, design, infrastructure and testing.

Jonathan Armstrong

Software Developer

Jonathan began his career with IBM in the services division looking at the potential impact of various disruptive technologies including grid computing and virtualization. He joined the World Community Grid team shortly after the program's launch and his main responsibility has been working with the researchers' scientific applications, including making the necessary changes to enable these applications to run on World Community Grid. Jonathan holds a BA in Computer Engineering from Texas Tech University.

Viktors Berstis

Technical Lead & Scientist

Viktors is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM and an IBM Master Inventor with over 170 US patents. He started programming computers in 1965 and his experience at IBM includes architecting the System/38 - AS/400, designing and developing various software and silicon compilers, research on high-level automated integrated circuit design while at the TJ Watson Research Center, and OS/2. He has been the technical lead and scientist for World Community Grid since its start, where he helps researchers exploit volunteer computing to advance their research. Viktors holds mathematics, physics and engineering degrees from the University of Michigan and is also a senior member of the IEEE. His hobbies include playing the piano (which he broadcasts on YouTube), designing and building all sorts of scientific gadgets, 3D stereoscopic photography, radio controlled aircraft, cosmology, exploiting solar energy and 3D printing.

Juan Hindo

Program Manager

Juan leads the World Community Grid team, oversees the development of the program and collaborates with the program Senior Manager on strategy, outreach and communications. She began her career in the management consulting industry undertaking client relationship management, team leadership, business analysis and technical development roles, primarily in the retail banking sector. Motivated and inspired by the opportunity to apply her expertise in a philanthropic context, she joined IBM Corporate Citizenship and has since led several philanthropic initiatives. Juan holds a B.A. in Law & Business Studies from the University of Warwick, UK. She has lived, studied and worked in Europe, the Middle East and US.

Caitlin Larkin


Caitlin began her career as a technical writer for an educational software development company. She worked for many years in technology sales and marketing before returning to writing and communications, which is her true love. She handles much of the day-to-day communications at World Community Grid, including its social media accounts, and writes or edits articles and project updates for the website. She has a degree in English and Psychology from Brigham Young University.

Kevin Reed


Kevin has worked as a developer, lead developer, technical lead and architect both inside and outside of IBM since around the turn of the millennium. He helps maintain the World Community Grid infrastructure, manage our integration with the BOINC platform and implement enhancements to the World Community Grid website. Kevin loves the emergence of MOOCs and is constantly expanding his knowledge with courses from Udacity, edX, Coursera and other similar online training providers. Kevin holds a B.A. in Mathematics and History from Rice University.

Al Seippel

Software Developer

Al is responsible for managing the work unit build processes, creating project screen savers, and modifying science applications to run on World Community Grid. He began his career providing technical support for the AIX operating system and developing support web applications before combining his love of science, technology, and philanthropy with World Community Grid. Al holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Baker College.

Sophia Tu

Senior Manager

Sophia's early forays into backyard science experiments grew into a life-long love for scientific discovery and belief in its power to help address some of the most urgent challenges of our time. She currently leads a number of philanthropic initiatives for IBM Corporate Citizenship that use IBM’s technology and talent to address challenges in health, sustainability, and cities around the world. On World Community Grid, she collaborates with the Project Manager on the program's strategy, external partnerships, volunteer outreach and communications work. Sophia holds a B.A. in Science, Technology, and Society from Stanford University and is a graduate of the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs.

Erika Tuttle

Program Coordinator

Erika has a background in client and project management in the television industry. Erika provides support to World Community Grid members in the forums and via Contact Us. She assists with financial budgeting and reconciliation, as well as coordination of legal processes for the program. Erika also provides assistance with website content and testing, and program tracking and analytics. Erika graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelors degree in Journalism.

Keith Uplinger

Software Developer

Keith's career at IBM has focused on grid technology. Keith has been part of the World Community Grid team since 2005 starting with managing research tasks and results backups. He has since touched many (if not all) parts of the World Community Grid platform including, developing project screen savers, enabling the science applications to run on World Community Grid, server management, running the World Community Grid testing environment, website development and providing 24/7 support. He also works with the team at Berkeley University for the development of Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC), the open source platform on which World Community Grid runs. Keith has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and minor in Math from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.