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If your download was NOT successful, please:
Start the download manually by clicking here.

If you are experiencing additional technical difficulties, please refer to the help page for installation or visit the Forums to see if a problem similar to yours has been reported.

Once you have confirmed that Word Community Grid's software is running on your computer, please take a moment to update your Profile.

In addition to updating your profile, you can change the projects in which you participate. The My Projects page will allow you to opt-in and out of projects (by default, you are opted-in to all current projects). If you have the World Community Grid running on more than one computer, you can have different computers run different projects by changing your Device Profiles.

Note: Changes to your project selections will take place the next time your computer finishes its current piece of work and returns the result to World Community Grid.

You can tell which project your agent is currently running by opening the agent window (double click on the icon in your Start bar).

You will see a different project name and description corresponding to the project that is currently running. You can notice the differences in the screenshots below. The first is an agent running FightAIDS@Home, the second is running Human Proteome Folding.

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