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Will there be a badge for GPU participation?

No. Your contributions using your GPU will contribute to a specific research project and count towards earning a badge for that project.

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What are Project and Recruitment Badges?

Project badges recognize the contribution that a member has made to a research project running on World Community Grid, and recruitment badges recognize the member's contribution to introducing new volunteers to World Community Grid. All available project badges may be viewed here and all available recruitment badges may be viewed here.

Badges appear on a member's My Contribution page and next to their name in the forums.

Project Badges: There are 11 levels of badges awarded based upon how much computing time a member has contributed to each project:

  • Bronze - 14 days
  • Silver - 45 days
  • Gold - 90 days
  • Ruby - 180 days
  • Emerald - 1 year
  • Sapphire - 2 years
  • Diamond - recognizing higher levels of contribution of 5, 10, 20, 50 and up to 100 years of computing time
Recruitment Badges: There are 5 levels of badges awarded based on how many new people a member has recruited to World Community Grid:
  • Bronze - 1 new member
  • Silver - 5 new members
  • Gold - 10 new members
  • Ruby - 25 new members
  • Emerald - 50 new members
Members receive credit towards recruitment badges when someone signs up for World Community Grid using that member's unique recruitment URL and begins contributing computing power. You can get your recruitment URL and see which members you've recruited on your My Contribution page.

Recruitment badges are different from project badges in that they must be maintained. Recruited members must actively contribute computing power (return a result at least every 30 days) to count towards a member's recruitment badge. If an inactive recruited member becomes active again, they will once again count towards the recruitment total of the member who introduced them to World Community Grid.

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