Forum Policy for Members

The Forum Policy for Members can be found here.

Please remember our collective goal.

World Community Grid brings together people from across the globe to benefit humanity by creating the world's largest non-profit computing grid. We do this by pooling surplus processing power from volunteers' devices. We encourage your participation on the forums and provide information on team development and progress to make it easier for individuals to participate, to recruit new members and generally increase the amount of computing run time available for the humanitarian research projects we run. This web site is not a place to promote any other cause or issue.

What do the Member Titles, underneath the Member Name, in the forums mean?

The following Member Titles are displayed based upon the number of posts a member makes:
0 - 49: Cruncher
50 - 149: Advanced Cruncher
150 - 499: Senior Cruncher
500 - 1499: Veteran Cruncher
1500 - 3999: Master Cruncher
4000+: Ace Cruncher

How many characters may I use in a forum post?

The database limit is 32,700 characters. If special characters are used, the character count is decreased due to how special characters are stored in the database. If you have more than 32,700 characters, or utilize special characters, you will need to create 2 or more posts.