Project graphics

What does the screensaver for the Mapping Cancer Markers project look like?

What do the Mapping Cancer Markers project graphics show?

While your computer carries out work for the Mapping Cancer Markers project, you may see the project’s graphics either on the World Community Grid screensaver, or within the World Community Grid software.

The graphics show a representation of the 23 pairs of human chromosomes in the right hand panel. Each chromosome is a DNA molecule containing genes and other information. The 23rd chromosome pair determines sex and comprises two “X” chromosomes for females or an “X” with a “Y” chromosomes for males. Genes are located at specific points along the length of these chromosomes. As your device analyzes certain combinations of genes, the approximate locations of those sets of genes within these chromosomes are highlighted in red.

What does the Progress Bar at the top represent?

This graphically shows the approximate percentage of how far along your device is in calculating the current task. When it reaches 100%, the computation is completed and the results will then be uploaded to the servers at World Community Grid before being packaged and sent back to the research team.