Project Graphics

What does the screen saver look like when OpenPandemics – COVID-19 is running?

Here is a video of the OpenPandemics – COVID-19 screen saver:



What does the screen saver show?

The right portion of the screen saver shows both the target protein and drug candidate molecule being evaluated, depicted as a collection of small spheres that represent the atoms of each molecule. These are the specific molecules that your device is currently working on.

What does the progress bar in the screen saver represent?

The progress bar, towards the bottom of the screen saver, represents approximately how much of the current research task your device has processed. When it reaches 100%, the computation is complete and the results will then be sent back to World Community Grid, where they will be packaged and delivered to the OpenPandemics researchers.

Where may I download a picture of the OpenPandemics – COVID-19 graphic?

Click here to view and download an image of the OpenPandemics – COVID-19 screensaver.