Other Similar Agents

I am running SETI@home on my computer? Will I be able to run both SETI@home and World Community Grid?

Yes and no. Any non-grid.org agent, such as SETI@home, will be able to continue to run on your computer after you download and install the World Community Grid agent. However, while you can run both clients at the same time, SETI@home runs at a higher priority than the World Community Grid agent, so SETI@home will receive all the extra available CPU cycles and will starve the World Community Grid agent. Because of this, you should only run one or the other at any given time.

What was the United Devices (UD) Agent software?

The UD Agent software was the software that was initially used by World Community Grid to distribute and run research on members' computers. It has been replaced by the BOINC software. The BOINC Migration Announcement may be found here.