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Human Proteome Folding

What was the first phase of the Human Proteome Folding project all about?

Each project on World Community Grid contains its own information page. Click here for the Human Proteome Folding page.

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How long did it take to finish work on a protein?

Task execution progress increased slowly. We tuned work units so that they took an average of about a week of wall clock time to complete. However, if you had a very fast computer it might have finished much sooner. In addition, the time to complete depended on the difficulty of folding a particular protein and on how long the computer was running.

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What is the status of the Human Proteome Folding project?

The first phase of the Human Proteome Folding Project was completed in July, 2006. You may read about the Human Proteome Folding Phase 1 results here.

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