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Project Timelines

What is a project timeline?

A project timeline displays that project's progress and status, including start date, estimated end date (when known), and the percentage of research tasks completed. This information can help volunteers know which projects are nearing completion and help them decide which projects to support with their computing resources.

The timeline also highlights key milestones and achievements, such as published papers and interesting research findings.

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Which projects have timelines?

The project timeline is currently available for active projects. At this time, it is not available for intermittent or completed projects.

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Where are project timelines displayed?

A high-level version of the timeline is displayed for each active project on the Research overview page. A more detailed timeline highlighting project achievements is also shown at the top of the relevant project pages, within the Research section.

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What does the percentage on the timeline mean?

The percentage on the timeline on the Research overview page indicates how much of that project's work on World Community Grid has been completed.

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Why do some timelines not show end dates?

Many factors go into estimating how far a project is from completion - these factors change over time. Therefore, we only display the projected end date when the project will finish within about 6 months.

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How is the projected end date calculated?

The projected end date for an active project depends on a range of factors, including:

  • The quantity of research tasks that the researchers have provided to World Community Grid for the project.
  • The number of additional research tasks the researchers anticipate needing to run on World Community Grid. This is not always known and may change over time.
  • The rate at which volunteers contribute to the project. This depends on the number of active projects and the level of participation in each project compared to the other active projects.
  • Temporary pauses that may occur during the life of the project.
Where displayed, the end date is estimated based on the above factors. Since these factors may change from time to time, members should expect to see the end date change as well.

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What are the dates marked along a project timeline?

When you navigate to an active project's pages within the Research section, a timeline is displayed marking key dates in the lifespan of that project. Those dates represent important events, achievements and milestones for that project and link directly to the relevant News articles.

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