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Project graphics

What does the Uncovering Genome Mysteries project screensaver look like?

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What does the Uncovering Genome Mysteries project screensaver show?

The graphics show a portion of a pair of protein sequences, which have been compared on your computer or device in the form of “letter codes”. The letters (A, R, N, D, C, E, Q, G, H, I, L, K, M, F, P, S, T, W, Y, V) represent the twenty types of amino acid molecules that are assembled in a chain to form the protein molecule. The matching letters in the two protein sequences are highlighted.

When sequences match, it means that the unknown organism produces a protein that is similar to a more well-known protein. This can indicate that the two proteins have similar functions, and give scientists a head start in understanding the unknown organism.

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What does the progress bar below the text show?

This graphically shows approximately how far along your device is in calculating the current task. It tells how many proteins have been compared against a set of other proteins. When your device has completed its work and the marker reaches the right end of the bar, the computation is completed and the results will then sent to World Community Grid before being packaged and sent back to the research teams.

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