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Quarter 1, 2006   
Welcome to the second World Community Grid Newsletter! We would like to thank you for your continuing participation in our mission to create the world's largest public computing grid. With this grid, we've been able to tackle projects that benefit humanity. Through this newsletter, we will keep you informed of the latest accomplishments, updates on active research, and site enhancements.
Off and Running in 2006
2006 has already seen major accomplishments in the research work running on World Community Grid. You can read more about our progress on the Human Proteome Folding and FightAIDS@Home projects in this newsletter.  Read More >>
World Community Grid Completes First Stage of
FightAIDS@Home Project
World Community Grid has already achieved a significant milestone on FightAIDS@Home, completing Stage 1a of the project, which was launched in November, 2005.  Read More >>
Human Proteome Folding Project Continues to Produce
Significant Results
Work on the first phase of the Human Proteome Folding project is drawing to a close. Nearly all the calculations on World Community Grid are complete, and a team of re-searchers at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) is now working around the clock (partly due to the fact that the project involves researchers around the globe, and partly due to our drive to publish) to process the results and get them out to other researchers and the volunteer community that contributed so greatly to this project.  Read More >>

Community Advisor Interview
If you are a frequent visitor to World Community Grid's forums, you probably know Lawrence Hardin. Lawrence serves as one of seven World Community Grid Community Advisors. As such, Lawrence provides significant assistance to other members in the forums, answering a range of technical and project-related questions. Lawrence, like all the Community Advisors, is critical to the smooth functioning of World Community Grid, helping the official technical team ensure that the volunteer experience is both interesting, informative and trouble-free.  Read More >>

Technical Tips - Teams
Teams are a fun way for you to join with a group and compete with other groups to see who can crunch the most. You can participate in teams by going to the My Grid page and then selecting My Team. You can either join a team or Create a New Team. When you are on a team, you can compete with other teams to see who can get the most members, total run time, points, and results returned. Joining a team does not affect your individual member statistics.  Read More >>
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Technical Tips - Teams
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