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World Community Grid begins the move to BOINC 

World Community Grid is pleased to announce that it has made the decision to migrate entirely to BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing), a software platform for volunteer computing and desktop grid computing.

This software platform has been in use by World Community Grid since November 2005. It was added originally to provide support for users of the Linux and Macintosh operating systems, but due to its popularity, World Community Grid also has supported BOINC on Windows since December 2005. Today, approximately 50% of all runtime is returned by computers running the BOINC agent, and 80% of new computer registrations are using the BOINC software.

The BOINC agent provides a number of advantages over the UD agent. Some of these include support for multiple processors, memory throttle and bandwidth throttle. An in-depth review of the BOINC agent can be read here.

As a result of this decision, World Community Grid will not be releasing any new projects on the UD software platform. There are currently two projects available to users of the UD agent: FightAIDS@Home and Human Proteome Folding – Phase 2. These two projects will continue to run on the UD agent until it is shut down sometime during the second quarter of 2008. There are currently four projects available for users of the BOINC agent: FightAIDS@Home, Human Proteome Folding – Phase 2, Discovering Dengue Drugs – Together, and AfricanClimate@Home.

Users of the UD agent will need to migrate to the BOINC client before it sunsets by visiting the website and downloading and installing the BOINC agent. The BOINC installer will detect if a computer is running the UD agent and if it is found, help the user uninstall it. Details on installing the BOINC agent for Windows can be found here.

More details about the migration are available in the member news forum.

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