World Community Grid Newsletter
Volume 6 – July 2008   
Greetings from World Community Grid!

A great deal has been accomplished since our October 2007 newsletter. Two new research projects, Help Conquer Cancer and Nutritious Rice for the World, were launched, while another project, AfricanClimate@Home, was finished. The migration from UD (United Devices) to BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure Networking Computing) was completed. The web site was translated into Chinese, and a number of other interesting features were added. You can read about this, and much more, in this newsletter.

If you are no longer running World Community Grid, we ask you to rejoin this great cause. Just click here to download the grid agent. Remember, it's easy, safe and free.

Most importantly, we'd like to thank each and every one of our members for their continuing participation in creating the world's largest public computing grid benefiting humanity.

Research Update
Since World Community Grid's launch in November 2004, more than
1 million devices have been registered. The computer power that our volunteer community has donated equals one PC running nonstop for more than 170,000 years.
Volunteers currently are donating an average of 1,400 years of compute time per week toward humanitarian research!
With this tremendous power, World Community Grid is able to run five projects at the same time and has completed four. Our newest projects — Help Conquer Cancer and Nutritious Rice for the World — are featured below.   [read more]

World Community Grid Helps Conquer Cancer
In November 2007, IBM and the research team from the Ontario Cancer Institute (OCI) launched an exciting new project called Help Conquer Cancer. This project is analyzing the structure of cancer-related proteins in order to develop drugs that may one day prevent these proteins from causing cancer.   [read more]

World Community Grid Tackles Rice Crisis
As concerns around the world mount about the shortage of rice, IBM and the University of Washington have launched the Nutritious Rice for the World project to develop new strains of rice that could produce crops with larger and more nutritious yields. The project will study rice at the atomic level using the computational force of World Community Grid, one of the world's most powerful computer systems, and then combine it with traditional cross-breeding techniques used by farmers throughout history.   [read more]

BOINC Migration
World Community Grid is pleased to announce that the migration to BOINC has been completed. While this migration will improve the performance of World Community Grid, it may have affected your participation. These instructions will help you ensure that you have migrated smoothly to BOINC.   [read more]

New Features
World Community Grid has added some new features to make the experience of donating your computing power more personal and exciting! Members can place World Community Grid's widget on their website and obtain access to information with Forum RSS feeds and XML statistics. Additionally, members can earn badges for significant contribution to projects. For new members, we've also simplified the registration process. Last, but certainly not least, we are proud to announce that the website has been translated into Chinese.   [read more]

Technical Tips
Here are a few tips that can enhance your World Community Grid experience.   [read more]
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