World Community Grid Newsletter
Volume 8 – June 2009   
Welcome to World Community Grid's newsletter!

This issue provides you with information about four exciting new projects that we've launched since the last newsletter. In addition, you will find information on the results that have been produced by all research projects. These results are only possible because of the generous contribution of your computer's idle time to humanitarian research. Currently there are nine (9) research projects running on World Community Grid which cover a wide variety of important humanitarian issues.

Many teams participate on World Community Grid and the largest team is "Team2ch". Included in this newsletter is an interviews with the Team2ch members. Hopefully you will enjoy the article and get information that will help you grow your team.

We are always making improvements to the website. At the end of this newsletter you will find a list of new website features. Look for more changes later in 2009 by keeping watch on the Member News Forum. Every time we update the website we communicate the change on this forum.

The computer run time that every member provides, continues to increase and is breaking new records each day. On behalf of the scientists who run their research on World Community Grid, we thank you for your wonderful contribution.

We hope you find this newsletter informative.

Research Update
World Community Grid has launched four new projects since our last newsletter!
  • The Clean Energy Project (launched December, 2008) will search for organic materials to create a more efficient and lower cost solar cell.
  • Help Fight Childhood Cancer (launched March, 2009) will search for a drug treatment for neuroblastoma, the most common cause of death in children with solid tumors. Cancer is a leading cause of death in children.
  • Influenza Antiviral Drug Search (launched May, 2009) to identify the chemical compounds most likely to stop the spread of the influenza viruses and begin testing these under laboratory conditions.
  • Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy - Phase 2 (launched May, 2009) Phase 2 extends the analysis of 336 proteins to 2280 proteins that are believed to play a role in neuromuscular diseases, a group of chronic diseases with no cure.
Additional updates from the research scientists may be found here.

World Community Grid is currently running nine research projects and thanks to all of our members we have returned over 275 million results to researchers!

Interview with Team 2ch
Team 2ch was created on November 16, 2004, the day that World Community Grid was launched. Since that time they have acquired 9,935 members who have donated over 10,805 years of computer run time to help scientists solve critical issues facing humanity!

World Community Grid asked Team 2ch to share insight into their very successful team.   [read more]

Web Site Updates
World Community Grid is happy to announce that you are now able to see your team's statistics by project! The statistics are also available in XML format so team statisticians can create all kinds of new graphs and charts! Read more about the XML interface in this FAQ.

In addition to monitoring your team's statistics by project, your team's captain is now able to challenge other teams to compete for contributions to a specific project! See if you can recruit new members to your team to contribute to your favorite cause!

Additional web site updates may be found here.

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