Usernames and Team Names Policy

Usernames and Team Names may not be obscene, hate motivated, sexually explicit, express intolerance of others by denigrating others for their race, gender, beliefs, religion, preferences, or disabilities or use any name that is a trademark or trade name of, or is owned by someone other than you. Team URLs may not point to a website that features sexual content, gambling, or intolerance of others. In addition, Members may not represent themselves as other Members or as employees of World Community Grid.

World Community Grid reserves the right to remove or require you to remove any hyperlink you have included to any third party site that the World Community Grid in its sole discretion considers to be offensive or objectionable. In the event you include a hyperlink to another site, you will make it explicit that World Community Grid is not responsible in any way for that site or its content.

If this naming policy is violated, World Community Grid will make an effort to contact the member or in the case of teams, the team captain via email to ask the member or team captain to change the name so that it adheres to the naming policy.

If, after contacting the member or team captain, the Username or Team Name continues to violate the naming policy, World Community Grid will remove any Usernames or Team Names that in its sole discretion it considers offensive or objectionable and replace them with temporary names in a "Member12345" or "Team12345" format. Each newly assigned Username will be e-mailed to the Member, who will then have the ability to choose an appropriate name by returning to his or her Member Profile page. For newly assigned Team Names, the email will be sent to the team captain.